Label your kids belongings today!

Label your kids belongings today!
See how easy and affordable it will be to get all your kids things labelled! Loads of really cute Stick-on & Iron-on labels available!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I got this for myself and would highly recommend it to parents out there! 
Not all shops or restaurants have baby chairs available for use and sometimes, it's just way too crowded to squeeze in a baby chair at the table. 
So what's a parent to do?
Use the TOTSEAT of course!
It's a washable, squashable high chair harness which you can use with all types of chairs.
It's foldable and comes in its very own little pouch so you can just dump it into your stylish mommy bag of yours and you're all set to go :)
Available for pre-orders at Lil'Twinkle for RM49.90 each. 


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